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Los Haitises National Park

Do you want to visit an area of the Dominican Republic seldom seen by tourists?

If so, our trek to Los Haitises National Park is a true contrast with the all-inclusive resorts and tourist-laden beaches of Punta Cana.

If you’re looking for intimacy and authenticity then carry on and read our description of the natural wonder that is Los Haitises…

Haitises means “highlands” or “mountain range” in Arawak (the Taino Indian language). Tucked in a remote corner of the Dominican Republic’s northeast region, the park is a 1,600 square kilometer humid forest with vast stretches of untouched mangrove forests, secluded beaches, ancient caves and the Dominican Republic’s most diverse collection of endemic flora and fauna. What was once a sacred, safe haven for the Tainos (the country’s original inhabitants) is now a mysterious and awe-inspiring draw for tourists willing to leave the beaten track.

And how do you get there?…

The Drive

From Punta Cana / Bavaro you head north into the eastern Oriental Mountain Range. Welcoming us is a windy, paved road that snakes through rolling green highlands and country villages, along with the southern shores of Samana Bay. Your guide, meanwhile, brings the outside world to life explaining the daily routines of everyday Dominicans and highlighting some of the country’s natural produce as you pass countless agricultural and cattle farms. Our highlight stop, during the ride, is an adventurous ascent of the 1,000-foot peak – Montaña Redonda. Known for its amazing vistas, Montaña Redonda offers unforgettable views of Samana to the Northern horizon and the Oriental Mountain Range to the Southern horizon.

Once we arrive at Los Haitises…

The Tour in Los Haitises National Park


    • Boat Ride

      – Aboard our Boats, we’ll maneuver through the meandering canals of the park’s majestic mangrove forests which act as an ideal home for hundreds of species of birds, fish, reptiles, and crustaceans.

    • San Lorenzo Bay 

      –  Into the Samana Bay is a small bay with 16 square kilometers, this bay is part of Sabana de la Mar community, is the most visit area in Los Haitises National Park, After mangroves, you will see, keys rocky islands and two famous Caves.

    • Cueva de la Arena

      – Located on a secluded beach, the cave’s several waterfront caverns hold Taino carvings (petroglyphs) in the rock and sleepy bats in their natural habitat. This cave was used as a center house for the Chaman and inside of this cave are the only to original pictographs of Chamness living in the cave. From fisherman, we can see the dark colors of bonfires used when they have to use the cave as a refuge from big storms.


    • Cueva de la linea

      – Found deeper in the forest, this vast cave is filled with Taino drawings (pictoglyphs), 1,243 originals pictographs, making this cave the most visit in The National park Los Haitises, giving us a better sense of Taino religion and culture before their society’s ultimate demise with the arrival of Europeans over 500 years ago.


It’s been a long day so you deserve…

Lunch at the Waterfalls Caño Hondo

You’ll glide over the emerald pools of the Jibales River gushing through the resort, and over more of the park’s lush canopy with panoramic views over the Bay of San Lorenzo ahead.

Join us by booking now…

Only a certain numbers of individuals are permitted on the Los Haitises Tour and it’s only available 2 days a week. To secure availability bookings should be made in advance.

For a genuine contact with the Dominican Republic’s history, culture and natural beauty, join us on this unique adventure to Los Haitises National Park.

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